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Rummy Lab

Every origin story begins with fond memories.  A long time ago, in the magical 1980's, my mom baked rum cakes for her co-workers, friends and family as Christmas gifts.  Everyone loved her rum cakes -they were the talk of the town.  As I grew up, I learned to bake her rum cakes.  (She really needed help...she was baking 100's of cakes every year!)


Then, one day, in a tragic cooking accident, the banana dived into the cake mix.  Then the coconut jumped in!  Holy bananas!  The banana coconut rum cake was born.


Soon after, other yummy fruits and nuts revolted!  They wanted to join the Rum Cake Revolution!


Things started to get serious in the Rummy Lab.


The Almond brothers demanded their own cake.  Raspberries screamed for chocolate.  Strawberries felt lonely and refused to leave the banana's side.  Additional pairings began to happen. More experiments were conducted.  Family and friends were exposed to incredible rum cake flavors and other yummy decadent concoctions.  This outbreak spawned the Great Yummy Mystery!  Our Peanut Butter cookies were perfected.  Pound cakes turned into Lemon Gone Wishful Thinking cakes, Chocolate Caramel infused cakes and other yummy treats.


The flavor rum cake craze had begun. It was a whirlwind of excitement!  Until…viola!  Rummies & Yummies was created.


So, taste what we have to offer.  We hope you LOVE our home-baked taste, from scratch, fresh goodies!


Thank you for taking your time to browse our website.


As always, let us know what you think. Contact Us for suggestions and feedback.


Thank you,

Rummies & Yummies

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